To Make A Difference!



We are passionate and deeply committed to helping those in need. We cannot do this alone, but together we can make a difference. Your giving makes it possible for us to continue our work, strengthening the community!

General Donation

Your contribution will help support our programs servicing the Homeless, Military, Children in Poverty, Food Pantry, Adopt-a-Block, Elderly Care, Holiday Community Giveaways, Partnerships with other non-profits, schools and government agencies. These continuous initiatives help restore and rebuild the lives of those less fortunate. Select this option to make a donation where it is needed most.

Credit cards accepted

Loving Life Foundation donations can be made via all major credit cards.


We value your privacy. Loving Life Foundation is dedicated to keeping all personal information secure. All reasonable measures will be taken to ensure physical security, computer, and network security, communications security, and personnel security is properly managed and maintained. We reserve the right to retain personal information for our data base unless specifically requested not to. We will not sell or exchange your personal information. We will not release personal information about you to anyone else.

Regular giving

Regular giving to the Loving Life Foundation is automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account of your choice. You can select how much to give and increase/decrease (or cancel) the amount of your payment at any time. Throughout the year, we will keep you up to date with the work of Loving Life, and at the end of the financial year you will receive a statement detailing your payments, which you can use to complete your tax return (where applicable).